Mark Davis Wonders If NFL Should Consider NBA’s ‘Bubble’ Concept Now

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis believes the NFL should follow the NBA’s lead in forming a ‘bubble’ encompassing all 32 teams amid the pandemic.

According to Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Davis discussed why he thinks the bubble might be the league’s best option.

“You can keep players from the fans, but you can’t keep players from the players,” Davis said about perhaps implementing a ‘bubble’ in the NFL. “That could be our Achilles’ heel. Without some form of bubble, we may be asking for trouble.”

In mid-July, the NBA will send 22 out of its 30 teams to Orlando, FL to hopefully complete the remainder of the 2019-20 season and playoffs by mid-October.

Each team will be placed in one of three available hotels based on current seeding and they will not be allowed to exit the bubble under any circumstances.

By cutting off contact with the outside world, the NBA hopes to maintain a healthy and safe bubble, keeping the coronavirus (COVID-19) far away from its players.

The NFL would be wise to look into instituting this same sort of system, however, it would be much more difficult due to the sheer size of rosters unlike the NBA.

Teams usually go into NFL training camp with around 90 players and gradually reduce that to a 55-man opening day roster coming into the new season.

With all 32 teams being placed in the ‘bubble,’ the NFL could be looking to house 1,760 players compared to the NBA, which has only slightly below 400 players.

This is due to the NBA’s smaller roster size as well as the fact they are only sending 22 teams to Disney World whereas the NFL would need to send all 32 teams.

Davis is correct as a ‘bubble’ would be beneficial to the league’s chances of running a smooth season, but much planning would need to go into making it happen.

With kickoff still two months away, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and owners still have ample time to decide on their best plan of action amid uncertain times.

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