Mike Mayock Excited About Opening New Raiders Headquarters In Henderson

The Las Vegas Raiders new headquarters in Henderson, NV is officially up and running and general manager Mike Mayock was one of the first to check it out.

According to Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Mayock was enamored with the facility and is mightily anticipating the players arriving soon.

“It’s a magnificent building,” Mayock said about the Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center. “It’s hard to put into words, and honestly I have to still get used to it because it’s so big and so different from what we’re used to.”

While all of the attention has been on Allegiant Stadium and the new headquarters, Mayock is excited about getting together with the coaching staff and players.

“To me that was the biggest thing,” Mayock said about welcoming the coaching staff and players to Henderson. “As much as I love this new building and how much I want to get used to it and get comfortable with it, the biggest thing is just being around the guys. We’ve seen each other on Zoom calls for too long now.”

The NFL allowed coaching staffs to return to their respective facilities almost a month ago, but the Raiders had nowhere to return due to the relocation.

Their former practice facility in Alameda was in no shape to host anyone due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and their new one had not yet been completed.

With Mayock and the coaching staff now joining each other, the team’s preparations for the upcoming 2020 NFL season can truly kick into high gear.

The Raiders will still have to follow social distancing rules (six feet apart), but at least they will be able to have in-person conversations and interactions now.

Building that chemistry can go a long way towards developing a cohesive team culture, something the Raiders sorely need and hope to find in a new city now.

The players are not slated to report until late July and 2020 NFL training camp will begin on July 28, giving the coaching staff plenty of time to iron things out.

With the Raiders set to move to a new stadium, a new era of football is about to begin in Las Vegas and everyone involved is excited about the opportunity.

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